Information of Song Giang 2 Hydropower Plant

With total 240ha area, 37MW capacity, 141.7 mil kWh/year average electricity production, Song Giang 2 Hydropower Plant is considered as the biggest one in Khanh Hoa province and is now putting into operation.

Being a main branch of Cai river, Nha Trang city, toward the South-West of Khanh Hoa province, Giang river is a branch having considerable potential of hydropower with geographical advantage and abundant flow. Song Giang 2 Hydropower Plant is located at Khanh Trung commune, Khanh Vinh district, 50 km far away from Nha Trang city toward the North West.

Being considered as an environmentally friendly and cleaning project, Song Giang 2 Hydropower project was formally approved and successfully registered as CDM project by the CDM Executive Board (EB) on September 2012. The CER buyer is Vitol SA, Switzerland. It is expected to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions, equivalent to 73.757 tons of CO2 per year when Song Giang 2 Hydropower Plant put into operation. This will provide a significant source of revenue annually, contributing to improve the efficiency of investment project.

The headworks of Song Giang 2 consist of the following itmes:

• Main dam
• Intake gate
• Tunnel
• Surge tank
• Penstock
• Power house